10 Questions for Nationalists

If the SNP can adequately answer these I’ll sign up tomorrow:

  1. We know you’re anti-austerity, but you still prefer it to raising taxes, right? You may not have the power to curb austerity through borrowing, but you do through taxes – which you steadfastly refuse to do.
  2. How do you propose to redistribute wealth from some of the world’s richest people in London to our poorest people in Glasgow by throwing up sovereign boundaries between them? Does independence really make the world a more equal place? Or are you only concerned about equality within our borders?
  3. You don’t really want full fiscal autonomy, do you? I mean, even those of us who are opposed to independence accept that it’s not entirely without any merit. But FFA is all of the drawbacks of independence without any of the advantages.
  4. What have you actually done with the powers the Scottish Parliament already has to redistribute wealth from richer people to poorer people? I can think of plenty of examples to the contrary – the Council Tax freeze springs to mind.
  5. You know perfectly well that there’s no actual way in the British Constitution to make anything, permanent, right? You also surely know that if the UK ever did try to scrap Holyrood, Scotland would be independent inside a month? Isn’t this the sort of “scaremongering” that you accused unionists of?
  6. You accuse others of “breaking promises” to the people of Scotland. Whatever happened to scrapping Council Tax and paying off my student debt?
  7. You do know that a LOT of your supporters are fundamentally horrible, nasty people, right? I know, I know – there are unpleasant people like that on both sides, but there’s WAY more on yours and you do relatively little to stamp it out.
  8. You really did want the Tories to win, right? Not because you like them, but because you know perfectly well that a Tory PM is a far more frightening bogey man than a Labour one.
  9. You do accept that Alex Salmond is a proven liar and at least a bit of a sexist? Contrary to Alex Salmond’s attempted excuse, it is NOT a “Scottish saying”.
  10. Independence in Europe – bit of a logical inconsistency, no?